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10 year warranty
10 Year Warranty - All Ducted QuietCool Whole House Fans come with an industry best, 10 year manufacturer warranty.

QuietCool fans are made to provide years of reliable cooling and ventilation.

Order With Confidence QuietCool Whole house fans are effective in dry and semi-dry climates like Los Angeles and Orange County where homeowners can 75% to 90% off of their air conditioning costs.

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Why Los Angeles Needs Whole House Fans
For climates like Los Angeles, whole house fans are the perfect fit for all homeowners in all Los Angeles cities. Whether you are located in a coastal area or inland, whole house fans can help to cool your home. Like all areas, the best use of a whole house fan is to turn off the central air conditioner in the late afternoon or evening when the outside air temperature is below 85 degrees and at the same time turn on the whole house fan. The whole house fan then does the job of cooling your house much better and faster than an air conditioner at a huge savings in your electric bill.

Los Angeles is situated on a coastal plain bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the south and west. Several distinct canyon and valley regions make up the Los Angeles Basin, which host a variety of diverse climates.

In many coastal regions, homeowners could actually use whole house fans to replace their air conditioner completely. Year round, Los Angeles weather generally consists of warm and dry air that helps keep temperatures mild to warm throughout most of the year. In the summer, Whole house fans are perfect for those hot and dry Los Angeles summer afternoons and nights. Using your QuietCool Fans will help keep you cool and dramatically reduce your air conditioner costs. Los Angeles receives approximately 329 days of sunshine a year which makes it the ideal climate for whole house fan installations.

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