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QC ES-1250
Energy Saver Line QC ES-1250 Whole House Fan The QC ES-1250 "Energy Savings" Whole House Fan moves 1265 CFM of air flow. The newly designed brush less DC motor provides amazing high energy efficiency. This model features our new ABS composite lightweight motor housing.

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QC ES-1250
Cools Up To 650 square feet

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What's Do I Get With The QC ES-1250? When you purchase a QuietCool QC ES-1250 whole house fan from QuietCool Fan, you get a complete whole house fan system, which includes the fan, ducting, damper and grille. All that it needed for installation is your choice of controls and there are several options. If you desire a remote control system, this plugs into an outlet. The fan comes with a plug, that plugs into the remote module and the module plugs into your existing power outlet. You can turn the fan off and on with the handheld remote.

If you desire wall mounted controls, have your electrician hardwire the fan to a wall timer, switch or combination of switches and a timer. A very popular configuration is a wall timer and one switch per fan mounted next to each other on the wall at a central location such as a common hallway. This allows you to turn the fans off based on the time set on the timer or put the timer on hold and use the multiple wall switches (2 or 3 switch) to operate your fans individually. This method of installation gives your the flexibility of operating one or more fans during cooler months when you may not want all of your fans running at the same time.

The optional wall adapter is for the Classic Line (QC-1500, QC-2250, QC-3100, QC-4500) fans and is not designed for use with this ES model fan.

QC ES-1250

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Download The 2014 Energy Saver "ES" Line Installation Guide(.pdf)specification sheet QC CL-6400
Download QuietCool Product Information Sheet (.pdf)specification sheet QC CL-6400

Brushless "Energy Saver" motors are key to this amazing new series of whole house fans. Now you can own a whole house fan that moves 1,265 CFM of air and only uses 36 watts! This fans is quiet at 42 dba, so sleeping with the fan running on a hot summer night is not a problem.

The QC ES-1250 can be installed in bedrooms, allowing for cooling with the door closed. Placing fans in each of the bedrooms, will allows you to zone the fans for personal comfort. In addition to all that, you will greatly reduce your electricity costs instead of using your air conditioner.

QC ES-1250 Specifications:

QC ES-1250 Motor Voltage 120 V. AC, 60 Hz
Energy Use 36 Watts
Air Flow 1,265 CFM
CFM/Watt- Efficiency Rating 35.1
Square Foot Coverage @ 2 CFM per SQ FT Covers up to 625 SQ FT
Number of Speeds Single Speed
Duct Diameter 16"
Duct Length 6 feet
Motor Head Diameter 16 1/2"
Motor Head Length 19"
Sound Level in Room "Acoustical" 42 db
R Value at Closed Damper R 4.2
Dampers Air Tight Insulated Dampers
Controls Remote Control or Hard Wire Capabilties
Warranty 10 Years
Framing None Required Fits between "16 or 24" on Center Joists No Joist Cutting Necessary
Minimum Suggested Attic Venting 1.7 SQ FT net free area
Ceiling Rough Opening 14 1/4" X 18 1/4"
Ceiling Grill Outside Dimension 16" x 20"
Ceiling Grill Color White - High Volume Air Flow
Shipping Weight 21 Lbs. and 17 Lbs. (two boxes)
Ship Carton Dimensions 24" x 23" x 22" and 21" x 17" x 17" (two boxes)
Ship Carton Cube 7.0 and 3.5 (two boxes)
UL Component UL Listing Numbers Motor E62815; E62788; E62862 Housing ETL 3171583 Power Cord ETL 3171583