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QC-4700 The QC-4700 fan is the ideal fan to use in a central location like a hallway or in a large room.

Don't forget to add an electronic wall timer, wall switch or remote.

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QuietCool qc 4700
QC CL-4700
MSRP: $1,168.00 SALE PRICE: $1,049.00
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QC CL-4700 / QC-4700 The QC CL-4700 has a model number change in 2014. It is now known as the QC CL-4700. This fan is a powerful whole house fan features an optional 2 speed motor. Based on its airflow size it is ideal for a large rooms or a hallway. The QC CL-4700 draws 4,757 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and is the perfect fan for homes with common areas up to 2,350 square feet. The QuietCool QC-4700 will help you slash your air conditioner related electricity costs by 50-90%* and pays for itself faster than any other "green energy" product on the market today.

What Comes With The QC-4700 Fan? When you purchase a QC CL-4700 whole house fan, you will receive a complete whole house fan, which includes the fan, ducting, damper and grille. The only thing eles you will need is to decide on a wall switch and timer or a remote setup. A winter cover can also be purchased to add additional insulation in winter months.

The QC CL-4700, like all of the "Classic Line" fans (except for the QC-1500) have the optional capability of having the motors being wired for two speeds. For two speed operation, your installer would need to simply remove the included 8' power cord and run a 3rd wire from the fan motor to the 3-wire wall switch and timer. If using a remote system or standard on/off wall switch, the fan will work perfectly as a single speed fan (as set in the factory). Consult with your electrician about wiring this 2 speed wiring option. This 2 speed option would actually make our dual motor QC CL-4500 and QC-6400 fans 4 speed capable because these fans have two motors per fan.

The ideal setup for automatic operation, is to have your electrician hardwire the fan to a wall timer and standard off/on or 3 way switch (if wired for 2 speed operation) mounted next to each other on the wall at a central location such as a common hallway. This allows you to turn the fans off based on the time set on the timer or put the timer on hold and use the multiple wall switches to operate your fans individually. This method of installation gives your the flexibility of operating one or more fans during cooler months when you may not want all of your fans running at the same time.

For those that plan on mounting the fan grille on a side wall instead of the ceiling, (often done on a room with a vaulted ceiling), you will need one optional wall adaptor per fan.

qc cl-4700

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QC-4700 / QC CL-4700 Specifications:

MSRP: $1,168.00 Motor Voltage: 120 V. AC 60 Hz
Speeds: 2 Speeds *If using a remote system this fan is only 1 speed (high) Use A Wired 3-way Switch for 2 speed operation
Power Consumption: 533 Watts High/ 491 Watts Low
CFM/Watt: 8.9
Air Flow @ 0.1" SP: 4,757 CFM High 3,586 CFM Low Speed
Number of Speeds: 2 Speed
Duct Length: 6'
Duct Diameter: 18"
Motor Head Diameter: 18 1/2"
Motor Head Length: 13 3/4"
Sound Level in Room: 51 high / 48 low dBA
R Value at Closed Damper: R 5 Air Tight Insulated Dampers
Ceiling Rough Opening: 14 1/4" x 30 1/4"
Ceiling Grille Outside Dimensions: 16" x 32"
Framing None Required
Fits between 16" or 24" On Center Joist No Cutting Necessary
Intake Grill Color: White
Shipping Weight: 56 lbs.; Box Size 28.5" x 18.5" x 36"
Warranty: 10 Years
Attic Venting Minimum 6.2 sq ft net free area