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WE LOVE THE QC-4700! We live in the Pacific NW and for 3 months out the year, the heat is almost unbearable without air conditioning. Unfortunately, our new house uses radiant heating and has no duct-work to install central A/C. All of our bedrooms are upstairs and in the evenings we can't sleep because it's so hot. Instead of putting A/C units in all the bedroom windows, we decided to try out the QC CL-4700. We couldn't be more pleased.

The unit is extremely quiet and pushes a lot of air. Everyone opens a window in their bedrooms when they go to sleep and they can feel a cool breeze all night long.

Since it keeps the house cool all night long, it takes much longer for the house to heat up again.

Once evening rolls around, we wait for the thermometer to indicate that the temperature is cooler outside than inside, and we turn it on. Within minutes, the inside temperature is about the same as outside.

We were able to get it installed within a few hours, but we had to have help to get the wiring and the switch installed.

This is the best upgrade we've done for our home!

RP - Spokane, Washington State

AMAZING! We installed 5 QuietCool whole house fans and we love them! We put them in the master bedroom and in the kids bedrooms. Installation was a breeze. These fans are definitely quiet!"

We Had To Turn Off The QuietCool Fan After A Few Hours! My husband was a little skeptical at first, but after running the fan in our master bedroom we could not believe how much cool air it actually brought into the house.

We had to turn it off after several hours, because it actually got cold in the bedroom. It felt like air conditioning!

My husband plans on installing some QuietCool fans in his mothers new home that is currently under construction!

Thank you so much.....Alia M., West Ridge, CA

QUIET BREEZES The judicious use of whole house fans can cut utility costs, but they're often noisy and distracting. QuietCool House Fans can ventilate your entire house - quietly.

The magic is in the installation. The fan motor is mounted in the attic's rafters and insulated ductwork conveys air from the individual rooms to the attic. Fan noise in living areas is very low - about half the sound level of a humming refrigerator.


UNIQUE, EFFICIENT & QUIET! The fans were easy to install and look great too. In order to give it a better appearance in my home, I spray painted the inside a flat black, and covered the inside of the grill with a charcoal black screen. It allows a smooth air flow, and looks much better than the shiny silver tin and pink insulation you can see through the air duct.

I believe this makes your product much better at a cheap price to you. Much more professional and pleasant looking.

Your concept for the in house fans is unique, efficient and most of all, quiet. Great idea by your company!

T. Monroe, San Diego CA

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how whole house fans work
The QuietCool Whole-House Fan System

Just Flip A Switch and Begin To Cool & Ventilate Your Home. QuietCool Whole-House Fans Are Revolutionizing the Market!

Tired of High Electric Bills & Running Your AC At Night? Save Hundreds of Dollars Per Year On Your Electric Bill Quit Tossing and Turning Because The Upstairs Is Too Hot! Get Paid To Save Energy With Utility Company Rebates Avoid A "SICK HOME" By Ventilating Pollutants how a whole house fan works
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Browse our full list of QuietCool Products and start saving money today!

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The QuietCool System is a "New Generation Product," based on a proven method of whole-house cooling that has been around for years. It is the most versatile cooling and ventilating system on the market today! It Cools. It Ventilates. It Exhausts. The QuietCool fans are a multi-fan and multi-location system that moves large volumes of air (CFM) per fan.

The QuietCool Fans are easy to install and have insulated self-closing, damper doors, that create a positive closure to prevent air from freely flowing from the house to the attic when the fans are not in operation.

Most importantly, the QuietCool fans are attached in a hanging position from your attic rafters, away from your living area to provide tremendously quiet operation!

One of the main reasons that other manufacturer's fans are much louder than the QuietCool fans is because their fans are mounted on wood framing in the attic and flush to your ceiling, (this places the motor directly above your living space which ='s NOISE).

The QuietCool system is designed to cool and ventilate your entire home by pulling warm, stale air up and out of the home while drawing fresh cool air in. Insulated, air conditioning grade ducting is used in the QuietCool systems to reduce irritating fan noise. The QuietCool fans are so quiet, they can be installed in any room (with attic access), including bedrooms and can be operated while you soundly sleep! You have the option of privacy when operating the QuietCool fans with the bedroom doors closed! This is a benefit never before seen with traditional whole house fans, that are usually mounted in a hallway or in a central location.

Whole house fans are rated according to the amount of air they can move. This is measured in cubic feet of air per minute, or CFM. In order to be effective, a whole house fans CFM rating should be 2 to 3 times the square footage of the house.

For example, a 1,500 square foot house should have a whole house fan system capable of moving 3,000 to 6,000 CFM of airflow.

Overall attic venting is the only limiting factor on how many CFM can be efficiently moved. Attic venting can be easily increased by adding vents. Too many CFMs of airflow without the proper attic venting can cause undue stress on the whole house fan and pressurizes the attic and walls. Too little CFM's will not provide the desired minimum of air exchanges per hour as recommended by national ventilation experts and may not provide the cooling draft to lower house, attic, and skin temperatures in a timely fashion.

The QuietCool fans can be controlled individually or multiple fans can be wired to a wall timer with a double or triple switch. With this flexibility you can control when, where, and how much air flow moves through your home by simply turning on or off your QuietCool fans to reach the ideal comfort level. For example, you could turn off your QuietCool fan in the kids room and leave the fans in the master bedroom or hallway on (with the bedroom doors opened or closed). Turn on all of your fans to increase your CFM to cool your entire house.

In many climates, a QuietCool system may even eliminate the need for an air conditioner. QuietCools are more energy efficient than air conditioning, and that's good news for your pocketbook and the environment.

The QuietCool fans are maintenance free and simple to install. There are no motorized doors, no plastic fan blades, no specialized framing or custom carpentry requirements and there are no belts to replace. The fan blades are metal not plastic.

A standard 3-prong, 6' power cord is included (with most models). This option allows for simply plugging the fans into an a/c attic outlet and using an switch, or IT-36001 wi-fi hub (not included) to turn the fans off/on. For traditional installations, you can easily remove the 6' power cord for standard hard wiring to 6 hour wall timers.

The QuietCool fans are 100% made in the USA and come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Besides the cooling and energy saving benefits that you realize when you use whole-house fans, they are also an excellent way to provide whole house ventilation.

We are proud that many utility companies recognize and value and the ability of this quiet ventilation system to conserve substantial amounts of electricity on cooling in conjunction with your air conditioner. They are willing to pay thousands of dollars in rebates to have the QuietCool fan systems installed in homes. Whole house fans save energy, money and are good for the environment.

Add this new technology to your home and you can easily save up to 90% on your electric bill. By choosing to finance with low monthly payments, your savings may actually be greater than your monthly payments. Throw in energy saving rebates and that makes QuietCool Fans a very smart investment!