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Why QuietCool Fans - They Are The Most Quiet And Energy Efficient Whole House Fans On The Market!

There are basically three types of QuietCool Systems. Basic, Advance and Superior that start at about $500. We offer several different models and styles that will work in almost all home designs.

More About Whole House Fans... QuietCool whole house fans are a green energy product that offers the fastest return on your investment compared to other home cooling products. In just over two years, your system can be fully paid for, based on the amount of energy savings that your fan system will provide.

Just flip the switch to create a breeze of cool, outside air that will quickly work to cool and ventilate your entire home.

For more information, call us today to learn how QuietCool Fans can help you and your family save money and live more comfortably!

Professional Installation Is Available!

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QuietCool Fans Can Cut Your Air Conditioner Cost 50%-­-90%!

The QuietCool whole house fans cool by drawing cooler outside air in through your open windows, which lowers the room temperature by as much as 10 to 20 degrees.

Your open windows serve as intake vents, which allow you to control the air flow by selecting how many or which windows you open. Moving air, blowing through the whole house cools the occupants. The cooling breeze can lower the skin temperature by 5 to 10 degrees F.

The fresh, cooler air, after passing through the living space, is forced into the attic, which pushes the hot air out through your home's attic vents.

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QC CL-4700 2 Speed Classic Line Fan

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QC CL-6400 2 Speed Classic Dual Motor Fan

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Did we mention QuietCool house fans can save you 50-90% in air conditioning costs!?
Don’t wait any longer! Call now to get more information about how QuietCool whole house fans can help keep your family cool for years to come. After all, no one should have to wait to enjoy the benefits of owning a QuietCool wholehouse fan.

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