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How Do Whole House Fans Save? Studies show that household air conditioning accounts of one of the highest amounts of electricity consumption in many homes.

QuietCool whole house fans can greatly reduce and in some parts of the country, can even eliminate the need for running air conditioning, while at the same time, lowering home energy usage.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, whole house fans are the most energy efficient way to cool and ventilate your home.

An Effective Cooling Product

A whole house fan is the best way of cooling and ventilating your entire home. When you turn on your whole house fans, it draws the stale air from inside the home, up into the attic and then pushes that air out of the attic through your attic vents.

Quick Tip Your Whole House Fan Timer

While we do offer an remote system as an option. We believe that a hard wired timer switch is the most convenient and most reliable setup.

The X-10 system can be tricky to setup and you would have to wake when running your whole-house fans at night to manually turn your fan system off by remote. With the electronic wall timer, you can set it to automatically turn off after running for a preset amount of time. When running more than one fan, use a timer in conjunction with a Double, Triple or Quad switch.


Do not run your whole house fans when it is hotter outside than inside!

Cool your home during the morning hours and close all windows during the middle of the day.

Open just a couple of windows at first when it's starting to cool down in the afternoon or evening then later open more windows.

Close your window coverings during mid-day to prevent the sun from heating up home.

During the cold winter months, you may run your QuietCool fan system at the warmest time of the day and bring in fresh warmer air to heat the home.

Traditional types of whole house fans leave a large opening in your ceiling that is not sealed! In cold weather climates warm air from inside your house will rise up into your attic and make contact with cold surfaces which can cause condensation.

The ducted QuietCool Classic Line of fans seal automatically with an internal damper system to keep warm air from entering your attic! The Classic Line Dampers are R-5 insulated and they close air tight, for comparison your windows in your house are R-2.

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whole house fan questions faq

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

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1. What is whole house cooling? A whole-house fan is a home improvement product used to cool and ventilate your home. Whole house cooling is not a new concept. It has been around for many years.

A whole-house fan works by exchanging the hot air, moisture and odors in your house with fresh cool air that is pulled in from the outside.

It provides an effective way to achieve efficient attic ventilation and create a cool breeze inside your home. These house fans work quickly, quietly and efficiently.

Whole-house fans use far less energy than air conditioners; they cut cooling costs, save energy and save you money.

Whole house fans typically use about one-fifth to one-tenth the electricity of comparably sized air conditioners, and they are relatively inexpensive to install.

Used correctly, they can help you cut your air conditioning bills substantially.

Simply by flipping a switch, your whole-house fans will instantly begin to pull cooler outside air through open windows like a vacuum and send hot indoor air out through your existing attic vents. It can lower the temperature in your home by five degrees in just a few minutes. We recommend installing the fans on wall timers or on a remote, so you can have the fans turn off automatically or with a click of a button.

You control the air flow by selecting which windows and how many to open. These open windows act as an intake, to suck in cool fresh air. Yes, you can install these fans in your bedrooms and close your bedroom door. Simply open a window and the fresh cool air will be pulled into your room.

By installing QuietCool fans in each of your bedrooms and in other common areas of your home, you will create a cool breeze of moving air.

This moving air blowing through the house cools the occupants. The cooling breeze can lower the skin temperature by 5 to 10 degrees F.

The cooler air, after passing through the living space, is forced into the attic which pushes the hot air out through the attic vents and lowers your attic air temperature by as much as 30-50 degrees F.

The attic can reach temperatures in excess of 150 degrees F. in the summer and that air, if allowed to remain undisturbed, will radiate heat down through the insulation to heat the living space. Homes with tile roofs will even see a greater amount of heat retention. This is the main reason that a home without the use of whole-house fans, remains uncomfortably warm in summer evenings, and the reason that the upper floor of a multi-floor house is always warmer.

2. What is the difference between a whole house cooling fan and air conditioning?

Whole house cooling brings outside air into your home to cool it, while flushing out the warm air and ventilating the house at the same time. Air conditioning takes the existing inside air and keeps recycling it and cooling it slightly each time it is recycled. No stale air is removed in the process.

3. Can I use both an air conditioner and a whole house fan? YES, definitely, but not at the same time. The whole house fan should be used when the outside air temperature is cooler than the inside temperature. The air conditioner is used when the reverse is true. Normally, the whole house fan would be used in the evening, night and early morning hours, and the air conditioner during the heat of the day.

4. Why must a window or windows be open? A whole house fan sucks a large volume of air out of the house creating a vacuum of air and blows it out through the attic. If no window is open, a negative air pressure is created which will draw air in from a fireplace, or other vents.

5. What type of whole house fan should I buy? The QuietCool systems are the right choice for any home. There are several different fans on the market. Compare before you buy. Look at installation issues, custom wood framing, noise levels, and for moving parts that can wear out or need maintenance. We feel that you will agree that the QuietCool is the best whole house fan on the market. We encourage you to find a neighbor or a friend that has a traditional whole house fan installed and have them run it for you, so you can hear the high noise level for yourself. Ask other manufactures if they recommend installing their products in your bedroom and running the fans at night while you sleep or watch TV. Our bet is that they won't recommend this with their products.

6. Why is the QuietCool the most innovative whole house fan on the market? The QuietCool fans can be installed almost anywhere because the entire mechanism hangs in the attic and the only visible part is a small, attractive ceiling diffuser. The diffuser can also be mounted on a wall in areas where attic access is not available (for example a room with a vaulted ceiling) directly above a room. QuietCool fans can be easily installed in the framing stage or after. Installations can be easily performed by any licensed electrician or contractor in your area. It's as easy as wiring a ceiling fan! There are no mechanical parts other than the fan motor. These fans are maintenance free!

7. Why is a quiet whole house fan important? Years of experience have shown that if a whole house fan is noisy or whining, we wont turn it on while watching television, reading a book, carrying on a conversation, or sleeping. As the outside air cools during the evening hours, this is the time when whole house fans are designed to be used. The QuietCool fans are so quiet, you can use them all night long.

8. Why is the QuietCool fans the easiest whole house fan to install? The QuietCool fans do not require any carpentry or framing work to install, as seen with other whole house fans. You simply cut a hole in the ceiling (or vertical wall), install the ceiling grille with a few screws hang the fan assembly to the roof rafters in the attic. Then make the electrical connections, and the fan is installed! Experienced installers can routinely complete the installation in less than one hour, but an average handy person should be able to do the job in two to three hours.

9. Where should I install the QuietCool fans? We recommend installing one smaller fan in each bedroom for maximum comfort, and one larger fan in a common area, such as at the top of a stairway, etc. Other ideal locations are laundry rooms, smoking rooms and kitchens.

10. What else is needed? You will need standard wall switches or timer switches to turn them on. There are several types available. You can view the switch options when you checkout.

11. What is the warranty on the QuietCool fans? QuietCool Fans have a 10 year warranty are fans are made in the USA!

12. What maintenance is required on the QuietCool fans Absolutely none! The motor has lifetime lubrication. There are no motorized damper doors or belts that could wear out over time.

13. How can I buy the QuietCool Fan Systems? You may purchase the QuietCool whole house fan system online QuietCool Fan Store or by calling phone toll free (877) 667-4663 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, PST, A knowledgeable and friendly representative will gladly answer all of your questions and help you with your order. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX, DISCOVER and Now PAYPAL.

14. How do you ship and what does it cost? The fans are shipped from Temecula California. Unless otherwise noted, we ship with GSO, OnTrac, Fed Ex, or UPS Ground. Currently we offer FREE Shipping on all QuietCool Fans.

15. What is your guarantee? All QuietCool products are sold with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund less shipping and a restocking fee. Just call us for return instructions prior to returning any products.

16. What is the typical cost to install a whole house fan? We have seen installations range in the neighborhood of $400-$1000 for 3 fans. Of course this depends on the installer, layout of the home, number of fans etc. Don't forget to check with your electric company to see if there is a rebate available. Since utility companies recognize the energy saving benefits of these fans, many offer a substantial rebate for installing whole house fans.

17. What are the roof vent requirements for a whole house fan? When air flows through your home and pulled into your attic, your roof vents provide a way for the hot attic air to exit out of your home. Making sure you have adequate roof venting is important so the hot attic air can be properly pushed out of your attic with the positive pressure created by the fans. QuietCool fans requires approximately 1 square foot of net free exhaust area (N.F.A) for every 750 CFM. In other words, you can calculate the total CFM of the fan and divide by 750 to get the sq ft of vening needed. Most homes that are constructed to building code standards should have sufficient N.F.A. for 3 or more QuietCool fan installations. In most cases there is no need to add additional roof vents. Check with a local contractor if you need additional consultation regarding your attic ventilation requirements.

18. How many fans do I need? You need to follow one simple formula: Choose a single fan or a combination of fans that have a total air flow that will circulate at least 2 Cubic Feet of Air (CFM) per Minute per 1 Square Foot of Living Space. So a 2,000 sq ft home would need a minimum of 4,000 CFM. You can go over the 2 cubic feet ratio depending on the amount of air flow that you want. As a guide we have broken down the ratios into 3 levels or air flow: Good, Better or Best.

2:1 CFM:Square Foot is Good
2.5:1 CFM:Square Foot is Better
3:1 CFM:Square Foot is Best

This range allows for the 15-22 full house air exchanges per hour that allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the QuietCool system.

19. Can I install just One QuietCool Fan? Size is very important to a QuietCool system If a QuietCool system is not sized properly, the system will not work effectively

We use a general formula of either 2, 2 5, or 3 CFM, or “Cubic Feet per Minute”, per square foot of living space 2 CFM would provide a good system, 2 5 CFM would provide a better system, and 3 CFM would provide the best system

To calculate how much CFM you need in your home, simply multiply the square footage by 2, 2 5, and 3 This will give you the amount of CFM needed for a Good, Better, or Best system, respectively

Example (Good System): 2000 sqft x 2 CFM = 4000 CFM needed Example (Better System): 2000 sqft x 2 5 CFM = 5000 CFM needed Example (Best System): 2000 sqft x 3 CFM = 6000 CFM needed There are two other considerations that need to be taken into account when sizing a system:

Location: If located in a coastal region where the climate is cooler, a good system should work great If located in a desert region where the climate is very hot during the day, but cooler during the night, a best system would make the most sense

Ceiling Height: If the ceilings in the home are taller than 8 feet, be sure to size the system a little bit larger to account for the increased air volume inside of the home

After determining the total amount of airflow needed in the system, it is time to select a system

We offer these three types of systems:

Basic System: Central Cooling with a single QuietCool fan located centrally in the home The fans can be from either the Classic or Energy Saver Line

Advanced System: Zoned Cooling with multiple QuietCool Classic fans in the system

Superior System: Zoned Cooling with multiple QuietCool Energy Saver fans in the system

20. Why are the QuietCool whole house fans more expensive than other whf brands often sold in home improvement stores? The QuietCool Whole-House fan system is more than a large fan motor in a box, attached to your attic floor. The QuietCool is a complete ventilation and cooling system that consist of insulated flexible ducting, ceiling grille, and fan unit with positive closing doors that avert cold air intrusion. There are no belts to replace, plastic fan blades or mechanical doors. The QuietCool is the quietest, most innovative whole-house fan system on the market! Why spend money purchasing and installing a home improvement store type fan that is too loud to install in a bedroom, living room, etc. Other whole house fans sold on the market can move a large amount of air, but are not very accommodating or versatile, due to the noise they generate. Consider, whole house fans are designed to be used when the outside temperature is cooler, generally in the evening and morning hours. Quiet operation is one of the main benefits of the QuietCool Fan. The low noise level will enable you to run the fans just about anytime. You can have a conversation, sleep, watch television, or read a book without the noise of other fans. You can even close the bedroom doors for privacy with the fans running. We encourage you to test the fans sold at home improvement stores or by competitors. We are confident that you will realize that nothing on the market can match the QuietCool System.

21. What is an Envirocool? The Envirocool system is an evaporative cooling air inlet device used in conjunction with the QuietCool whole house fans (sold separately) that allows you to cool your home far more efficiently and effectively than a conventional air conditioner or by using QC whole house fans alone. Envirocool can cool your home to a comfortable 70-78 degree F and leave the interior air at an ideal 45% to 60% humidity level (The Envirocool is currently not available for purchase at this time.)

23. Can I Vent My QuietCool Fan Out Of My Gable Vent, Can I Add Additional Ducting To Extent The Length, What About Blown In Attic Insulation? Additional ducting can easily be added to any of the ducted fans, but there is really no need. In fact, if you duct the fan directly to the gable vent, you are defeating the purpose and ability of cooling your attic. If you connect the fan directly to the gable vent, you will not exhaust the hot attic air out the vent, you will be exhausting the cool living space air out. By blowing the fans output into the attic, you are replacing the hot attic air with cooler living space air, at the same time forcing the hot stale air out of the attic through the vents. Because the fans airflow is directed slightly upward, the likelihood of disturbing the blown-in insulation is nil. If you have a flat roof or no attic venting, we offer roof fan models that will vent to the outside.

24. What Does CFM Mean? Whole house fans are rated based on the volume of air that they can move. This is measured in Cubic Feet of air per Minute (CFM). In order to be size correctly for maximum effectiveness, a whole house fans CFM rating should be 2 to 3 times the square footage of the home.

25. Are QuietCool fans Title 24 Compliant? YES! All QuietCool fans are listed in the CEC Directory and meet California Title 24 requirements. See our Title 24 information page here

QuietCool Fans are a smart choice for all homeowners. Compare the noise rating, energy efficiency and the 10 year warranty to other models on the market before you buy!