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Quiet Attic Fan That Cools Your attic An attic fan is a attic ventilator style fan that mounts in your attic over your gable vent. An attic fan can reduce your attic temperature and in turn help keep your home cool.

The QuietCool Attic Fan is designed with an energy saving motor that will save money and provide years of attic cooling and ventilation.

An attic fan is not the same as a whole house fan, but when installed in conjunction with our whole house fans, will help to maximize your whole house cooling efficiency by keeping your attic cool.

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attic fan

    Attic Fan
  • Reduces Attic Temperature
  • Uses NEW Energy Saving Brushless Motor
  • Extremely LOW CFM/WATT Rating 52.0
  • This Attic Ventilator Fan Is Made in The USA

Attic Fan, QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 plug and play, self adjusting Smart Attic Fan
SALE PRICE: $349.00

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The Most Advanced, Smart Attic Fan On The Market!

QuietCool Smart Attic Fan: AFG SMT-3.0

• Variable 10-speed ECM motor
• Automatically adjusts fan speed with builtin thermostat, no settings required
• Built-in humidistat to help keep humidity % in the attic under 60%
• This fan can consistently keep the attic cooler than a traditional attic fan
• Up to 3000 CFM on high at approximately 160 watts**
• Down to 1000 CFM at approximately 15 watts**
• Plug-and-play (no wiring)

The QuietCool attic fan, model AFG SMT-3.0 boasts an amazing 52 CFM / watt rating and is ranked at the top of the CA Energy Commission charts based on its energy efficiency. This attic fan is one of the best attic fans on the market!

Range runs from up to 3,000 CFM on high at approximately 160 watts and down to 1,000 CFM at approximately 15 watts on low.

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gable attic fan

attic fan
Attic Fan Installed

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Attic Fan, AFG SMT-3.0 Specifications
TBD The QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 attic fan, is 14-5/8" o.d. 10" in overall length. One side mounts flush to the surface and requires 10" in height plus at least 6" of space for air intake.
This amazing smart attic fan features a variable 10 speed motor that automatically sense the temperature in you attic and turns on once it reaches 80 degrees. As the temperature rises, the fan senses the temperature and increases the air flow up to a temperature of 120 degrees.

This attic fan is the perfect product to keep your attic dry and cool year round. It is also the perfect product to install in conjunction with your whole house fan system. Use the attic fans to keep the attic cool during the day and the whole house fans to cool in the evening hours. A built in humidistat keep turns the fans on in the winter once it senses the moisture at 60% and to help eliminate moisture.

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