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NEW Products: QC-CL-6000
This single motor, 2 speed fan is big and powerful. The QC-CL-6000 is the latest addition to the Classic (CL) Line. It moves an impressive 5,665 CFM High and 4,289 CFM Low

QC CL-7000
This monster whole house fan is a 2 speed fan designed for cooling up to 3,470 sq ft. of living space. The biggest fan in the Classic Line and has an airflow speed of Hi: 6,924 CFM / Low: 5,518 CFM low speed

AFR SMT-2.0, Attic Roof Mount Fan
QuietCool Roof Mount Fan can be used as an attic fan, as a whole house fan with a duct, or as a whole house fan that pulls air through air intake grilles in multiple rooms.

Energy Saver Model QC ES-6000 - The QC-ES-6000 is a 2 speed, single motor fan that moves Hi: 5576 CFM / Low: 3417 CFM

Energy Saver Model QC ES-7000 - The QC ES-7000 is a 2 speed fan that moves Air Flow Hi: 6878 CFM / Low: 4304 CFM

Product Updates: QC CL-5400
Another amazing new quiet whole house fan from QuietCool. The big and powerful QC CL-5400 is the latest addition to the Classic (CL) Line. This single motor, 2 speed fan moves HI: 5462 and Low: 3350 CFM and comes with 20" x 9' long ducting

PollenTec Window Pollen Screens
Filter pollen from entering your home when running your fans.

WiFI Smart Fan Control Hub, IT-36001
Control all of your QuietCool fans with your smart phone or IPAD. Works on new and previously installed QC fan systems. Hub simply mounts to fan motor.

AFG SMT-3.0 Smart Attic Fan
Variable 10 speed motor. Includes thermostat and humidistat

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Control your QuietCool from anywhere in your home (up to 15 fans) • Set countdown time for each fan in your home (up to 12 hours) • Adjust speed setting for each multi-speed QuietCool • Local weather updates with notifications advising the best time to run your QuietCool • Plug-and-play (no hard-wiring switches) • Works with any QuietCool (new or existing)

Sizing - How Many Fans Do I Need?

Generally speaking you should install one fan in a central location such as a hallway and one fan in each of the occupied bedrooms that are used for sleeping. The recommended amount of air flow (or CFM) should should be approximately 2-3 times the square footage of your home. So, a home that is 3,000 sq. feet should have the number of fans that when added together move between 6,000-9,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air, while keeping in mind the aforementioned placement locations.

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All Fans Are Made In America!
QuietCool whole house fan
Just Flip A Switch To Begin To Cool & Ventilate Your Home.

Exhaust unwanted smoke and odors QuietCool Fans Are Revolutionizing the Market!

The QuietCool Systems products are ducted whole house fans that were developed based on a proven method of whole-house cooling that has been around for years.

It is the most versatile cooling and ventilating system on the market today!

It Cools. It Ventilates. It Exhausts and It's Quiet!

These exceptionally quiet fans can be installed in a single, or multiple-fan configuration and are designed to move large amounts of air per fan. Install one of the higher volume CFM whole house fans in your hallway or a combination of a large fan and a lower CFM fans in each occupied bedrooms for maximum cooling.

Simply multiply the square footage of your home by 2-3 to calculate the total CFM (airflow) and number of QC fans that you will need to purchase.

Sizing your home for the proper amount of CFM is important, since insufficient air flow will not allow for the desired minimum of ten air exchanges per hour, which is recommended by the Home Ventilation Institute.

Also, insufficient CFM may not produce an adequate breeze, which is needed to quickly cool the home, attic and skin temperature.

How Much Do You Spend Each Year Running Your Air Conditioner? The Truth Is, Electricity Prices Are Going Up Even Higher! A Large Central A/C Can Consume Over 5,000 Watts Per Hour. Considering the high cost of electricity makes installing a whole house fan system a Smart Decision. By Slashing Your Air Conditioner usage, The Money You Spent On Installing Your QuietCool Fans, Can Be Recovered In A Very Short Period Of Time. This Huge Savings Will Ultimately Put Money Back In Your Pockets Instead Of The Utility Companies.
green energy saving product
QuietCool Fans Can Cut Your AC Cost 50%-90% Quiet Whole house fans cool by drawing cooler outside air in through your open windows which lowers the room temperature by as much as 10 to 20 degrees

Your open windows serve as intake vents, which allow you to control the air flow by selecting how many or which windows you open. Moving air, blowing through the whole house cools the occupants.

The cooling breeze can lower the skin temperature by 5 to 10 degrees F. The fresh, cooler air, after passing through the living space, is forced into the attic which pushes the hot attic air out through the attic vents.

This can lower the attic air temperature by as much as 40 degrees F.

QuietCool Fans Have A Built In Damper System To Seal The Fan Opening From The Attic During Cool Months QuietCool fans are 100% made in the USA and come with a 10-year warranty from QuietCool Manufacturing Inc.

There are no belts or motorized doors to wear out. The QuietCool motors have lifetime lubrication and are maintenance free!

QuietCool Fans Have Been Certified To The California Energy Commission As Meeting Applicable Efficiency Standards.
QuietCool Fan Use Only UL Listed Components!

Looking For An QuietCool Whole House Fan Installer? Give Us A Call, our experts can properly size your system and help you with installation questions - Free Expert Advice: info@wholehousefandeal.com
green product for a healthy home
home ventilation QuietCool Fans Are Good For The Environment According to the EPA, if too little outdoor air enters your home, pollutants can form to levels that can pose health and comfort issues.

One way to lower levels of indoor air pollutants is to increase the amount of outdoor air coming in. Using a whole-house fan is the most effective way to ventilate and cool your home.

There are numerous sources of indoor air pollutants. Some of these pollutants include substances such as gas, kerosene, coal, wood, smoke & tobacco products; furnishings, asbestos-containing insulation, damp carpet, cabinetry or furniture made of certain pressed wood, household cleaning and personal care products, central heating & air conditioner systems and humidification systems; & outdoor substances like radon, pesticides, & other outdoor air pollution. Remember, if you do not allow fresh outdoor air to enter your home, these pollutants may accumulate to levels that may cause health and comfort problems.

In recognizing the energy saving, cooling and ventilation benefits of installing whole house cooling fans, many energy or electric utility companies give rebates to homeowners who buy and install the QuietCool System. See our Rebate Page for a list. Each company will have different requirements, please see their site for details and availability.

Whole House Fans and Attic Fans Are They The Same?
Attic fans and whole house attic fans are often thought to be the same. Yes, they both are installed in the attic and in similar ways provide cooling to your home. The truth is they are very different and understanding how these products work is important, so you can purchase the proper product to help cool and ventilate your home.

Attic Fan
Attic Fans are installed in the attic near the gable vent and are designed to exhaust hot air from the attic space. Attic fans are designed to remove hot air from the attic space, but do not pull air from the living area. On hot days, the temperature in the attic can be well over 90-100 degrees. The hot attic air gets trapped in the attic, and attic fans can be effective in pushing the hot air out which in turn helps to cool your living space. Attic fans are thought to be helpful in extending the life of your roof structure and other components. Attic fans, especially the new gable attic fan with an energy saver motor, draws very little power, saving energy while working to cool your home. Attic fans can also be effective in reducing attic moisture during cold weather.

Whole-House Fans
A Whole-house system can be used instead of an air conditioner most of the year in most climates. Similar to attic fans, whole-house fans push hot, stale air out of the attic to help cool your home, office or building. However, instead of simply pushing the hot air out of the attic, a whole-house fan pulls cool air into the home through an open window and flushes hot air out of the home via your attic vents. Whole house attic fans cost much less to operate than air conditioning and are relatively easy to install. Whole house fans cool by providing air flow, ventilation, by lowering attic temperatures. Quiet whole house fans are also energy efficient and rebates are available from many energy or electric companies to help offset the cost of installing your fan system. Also, make sure you order and install the proper number of fans based on your homes' square footage.

California Title 24 Building Code and Ventilation
Based on the fantastic savings realized by homeowners on their electric bills by using whole house ventilation fans to cut air conditioner usage, California State Legislators have now recognized the benefits of whole house attic fans.

In May, 2012, The California Energy Commission, issued the following press release regarding Title 24 whole house ventilation More Efficient Buildings for California's Future. In summary, Title 24 will mandate that all new home construction in seven of California's sixteen climate zones require that a fan be installed to cool homes and attics with evening air reducing the need for air conditioning load. The proposed amended standards will be adopted in 2014. The new standard will also require 2 CFM of air flow per square foot of living space as well as attic venting requirements that will need one square foot of attic venting for every 375 CFM of air flow created by the QuietCool fan system. New home builders will need to increase the amount of attic venting to be in compliance with the new standard. The seven climate zones where the new law applies are zone eight through fourteen. Here is a link to the California Energy Maps.

The law also reads that where "whole house fans are required, only those products that are listed in the California Energy Commission Appliance Efficiency Directory may be installed."

Yes, QuietCool Fans are not only listed in this directory, but hold many of the top spots for energy efficiency!

For additional information and requirements, refer to the article, "California's 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards." Click Here To Read More On Title 24